cfsbank Partners with Sail Mortgage and Delta to Expand Loan Offerings

cfsbank is pleased to announce that we have completed an acquisition of the assets for Wexford based mortgage company, Sail Mortgage Corp.

Sail Mortgage offers a full range of mortgage products including but not limited to FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, and second mortgage financing for both purchase and refinance transactions.

“We are so excited to welcome the Sail Mortgage team to cfsbank” said cfsbank President and CEO John Gill, “Their extensive knowledge and experience in the mortgage lending space will be a huge asset to our bank and will greatly expand the types of loans, including government lending, that we can offer to our customers.”

Sail Mortgage, which has been owned and managed by Lisa Siranovich since 2008, is looking forward to the many advantages this partnership will bring such as streamlining operations and expanding market reach.

“Teaming up with cfsbank gives us a strategic advantage”, commented President of Sail Mortgage, Lisa Siranovich. “Since they are federally chartered, we can now provide financing across multiple states. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for customers who may be relocating or purchasing second homes outside of Pennsylvania.”

In addition to Sail Mortgage, Challenge Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of cfsbank completed the asset purchase of Delta Appraisal and Closing Services. Delta has over fifty years of experience in providing real estate closing and title insurance services.

“It’s great to have access to cfsbank’s branch locations for loan closings and in person client meetings”, added Attorney Stephen Taylor, Manager of Delta Appraisal and Closing Services. “A home is typically the biggest purchase in someone’s life and we believe they should have access to experienced professionals throughout the process.”

Sail Mortgage and Delta Appraisal and Closing Services are now headquartered in cfsbank’s Seven Fields Office located at 101 High Pointe Dr., Seven Fields, PA 16046. Their 17 employees are a welcome addition to the cfsbank team.