The Blythes wanted to build their own home in the woods. cfsbank helped clear the path.

Laura and Ryan Blythe own three beautiful, wooded acres in Mars, PA. Their vision was to build a rustic, country house that incorporated hundreds of trees harvested from the land.

“We decided to go with cfsbank for their owner builder loan,” says Ryan.

The Blythes found one aspect of the loan really appealing: the ability to make unlimited draws. That meant they could withdraw money whenever they needed to pay suppliers and workers. According to the Blythes, that was quite unusual. “A typical builder loan has a set amount of draws, so it can stall the process,” remarks Ryan. “With cfsbank, our workers never had to worry when they were getting paid. It keeps the ball rolling.”

Unlimited draws weren’t the only factor in the Blythes’ decision. “Unless you’ve done this before, it’s all new,” says Ryan. “Dealing with David [at cfsbank] was awesome. Any question I ever had was answered instantly and explained to me.”

Laura and Ryan appreciated the help they received in filling out forms, making withdrawals and keeping track of the whole process. “Working with cfsbank has been a positive experience for us. They’re always there and willing to help us,” says Laura. “It never feels like you’re bothering them.”

The couple remembers making an error on their spreadsheet and calling the bank for help. Their contact at cfsbank stayed late on a Friday afternoon to find the problem and straighten it out. “I would have been lost in numbers,” laughs Ryan.

He adds, “When you walk into most banks, you get that corporate feeling. When you walk into cfsbank, everyone is always friendly, from the tellers to whoever you’re dealing with.”

“It’s a small town feel,” says Laura.

Today the Blythe’s house is almost completed. And they’re already talking about adding an in-ground pool and a backyard escape, with help, perhaps, from another cfsbank loan.

“We are so excited for the future,” says Laura. “And cfsbank has absolutely made this possible for us.”